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My name is Danny Maresch-Wunderwald and I am a certified physiotherapist. I was trained in Berlin, Germany.In Berlin I worked for several hospitals on different wards (orthopeadic, pediatric, gynaecologic, geriatric, internal medicine) and private practices. Summer 2005 my family and I moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka. There I opened my own practice. In December 2005 I started to work at the Nine Wells Women Hospital training nurses and worked at the post natal and cancer ward.I left the hospital in spring 2006 to work for the German National Olympic Committee in Colombo, to accompany the Sri Lankan National Athletic Team for the South East Asian Games in Colombo.

In late 2006 I started to work for the National Tennis Team. I prepared the team for the South East Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, as a fitness coach and physiotherapist.







During this time I also worked as personal trainer and physiotherapist in a fitness company.

In September 2007 we moved to Hanoi, Vietnam. In Hanoi I once again opened a practice and in October 2007 I started to work for Hoa Phat FC, a professional football team in Hanoi. After one year I left the Club to focus more on my own practice.

Staying 4 years in Hanoi, Vietnam my family and I moved to Beijing, China in June 2011. China has been really a great experience and I m glad to have helped a lot of patients in my own practise. Since Summer 2015, my family and I moved back to Germany. We are now living very close to Berlin and I am happy to take private patients who suffer from chronic, sports or other related pain.

I provide safe and effective physical therapy for everyone, those suffering from chronic pain; those who are in the post-rehabilitation phase after injury or surgery;and those seeking the stress relief and health benefits that therapeutic massage can provide.


Please feel free to contact me, details can be found under Contact.




Danny Maresch-Wunderwald